OSSEL MS6900 Wood Planer Machine Wood Planer Machine MS6900 Wood Planer Machine

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17 Jan 2024
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PT. Ossel Nusantara Machinery presents the OSSEL MS6900 Wood Planer Machine, the latest innovation in the world of wood machinery. The MS6900 Planer Machine is designed to provide precise and efficient results in the process of smoothing and cutting wood. With high specifications and the latest safety features, this machine is the top choice for wood professionals and hobbyists.


  • Brand: Ossel
  • Type: MS 6900
  • Drawstring Area: 82 mm
  • Power: 580 watts
  • Blade: TCT (armored)
  • New Model: Equipped with Anti-Slip Rubber
  • Handle: More comfortable, non-slip, more stable


The OSSEL MS6900 Wood Planer Machine, also known as the Wood Planer Machine, is used to flatten the surface of wood and produce a uniform thickness. This machine is very useful in the process of smoothing and cutting wood for various construction and woodworking purposes.

Product excellence:

  • High Specifications: With a wide planing area of ​​82 mm, this machine is capable of handling various sizes of wood with high efficiency.
  • Powerful Performance: The machine is powered by a 580 watt motor that provides enough power to handle various types of wood.
  • Quality TCT Blade: Equipped with a TCT (steel plated) blade that is durable and provides fine shavings.
  • New Model with Anti-Slip Rubber: New design with anti-slip rubber on the handle provides more comfort and safety during use.
  • Ergonomic Handle: The handle is designed to be more comfortable, allowing users to work without feeling tired for long periods of time.
  • Better Stability: The anti-slip rubber on the handle also improves the stability of the machine, ensuring accurate and stable work results.

Selling Engineering Tools:

PT. Ossel Nusantara Machines not only provides the OSSEL MS6900 Wood Planer Machine, but also sells high quality technical tools to support industrial and construction needs. Get our superior products designed for optimal performance and user safety.

Choose the OSSEL MS6900 Wood Planer Machine for a reliable and efficient wood smoothing and cutting experience. With advanced features and ergonomic design, this machine will be the ideal partner in any of your woodworking projects.

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