Miter Saw Aluminum Cutting Machine Saw OSSEL PA6200

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17 Jan 2024
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Miter Saw

PT. Ossel Nusantara Machinery presents the OSSEL PA6200 Steel Cutting Machine, a revolutionary Miter Saw for cutting aluminum with high precision. With sophisticated specifications and superior design, this machine is designed to meet the needs of professionals and hobbyists who prioritize quality and efficiency in cutting aluminum materials.


  • Brand: OSSEL
  • Model: PA6200
  • Power: 900 Watts
  • RPM: 5500
  • Saw Blade Diameter: 7-8 Inch
  • Cutting Capacity (Straight):
  • For an 8' blade: approximately 5cm
  • For a 7' blade: approximately 6cm

Featured Features:

  • Versatile Saw Blade Diameter: Can be used not only for 7 inch saw blades, but also for 8 inch saw blades, providing flexibility in handling a variety of aluminum cutting projects.
  • Better Material: Full aluminum stand, provides greater stability and reduces vibration during the sawing process. The use of better materials differentiates this machine from similar products that have plastic sides.
  • Thicker Saw Blade Guard: Thicker guard increases the level of safety during use of the machine.
  • Dust Bag: Equipped with a dust bag to collect dust during sawing, keeping the work area clean.
  • Stable Sound and Vibration: This machine is designed to produce more stable sound and vibration, providing a comfortable working experience.
  • Built-in Saw Blade: Equipped with 1 pc 8"x24T saw blade, ready to use for precise cutting.
  • Laser Guidance: Equipped with a laser feature to help with more accurate cutting.
  • High RPM: High rotation speed (5500 RPM) makes this machine tough for heavy tasks.

Selling Engineering Tools:

PT. Ossel Nusantara Machines not only provides OSSEL PA6200 Iron Cutting Machines, but also sells high quality engineering tools to support industrial and construction needs. Discover our products that are reliable and comply with industry standards.

Choose the OSSEL PA6200 Steel Cutting Machine for an efficient and precise aluminum cutting experience. With advanced features and design excellence, this machine is the top choice for your construction and metalworking projects.

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